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Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation Surgery is a surgical procedure that deals with the enhancement in the size and shape of a womanís breast. In the past, breast enlargement has been achieved by many methods with varying results of success and satisfaction. Until today, breast augmentation surgery has been achieved by three methods, the most popular of which, implants, have been used since the 1960ís.

History of Breast Augmentation Surgery
Previously during breast augmentation surgery, inert materials like silicone and paraffin were directly injected to enhance the size of the breast. This method has been discarded due to complications of skin loss as well as scars resulting in disfigurements called granulomas. Then tissue injections and a suction pump were used in this surgical treatment but the results were not positive.

New Research and Methods
Over the past decade, extensive research by implant manufacturers has been conducted to improve the breast augmentation surgery procedure with minimum complications and maximum satisfaction. Implants may be round or teardrop shaped and are placed according to the patientís requirements for the enhancement of the breast. The implant surface may be smooth or textured. However, breast augmentation surgery with the use of polyurethane covered silicone gel textured implants has now been discarded. Research and development within the field as well as technological advancements have helped to greatly improve breast augmentation surgery.

What You Should Do
It is best to have a consultation with a breast augmentation expert to find the best option that fits your needs and budget prior to undergoing the process. Breast augmentation surgery remains one of the safest and most reliable procedures available today for breast enhancement. Due to increased customer satisfaction, many women have chosen this surgical procedure as it has helped bring a positive change in an individualís personality by improving their physical appearance.


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